The Course Director's personal guide to the University of Nottingham's degree programme:

"Learning, technology and education "



Welcome to these pages. I hope they explain the nature of this innovative taught course - available on a full or part time basis and now available online for distance study. Details of the programme can be explored from the links (explained below) on the left of these pages. The experience of the online programme is, of course, a little different: fuller details here.

However, this is an informal programme summary offered by the course director as a supplement to the University's official description (see link on the left) and the School of Education's webpages. For all important matters of procedure you should refer to that material first.. This guide is brief and accessible rather than formal and comprehensive.


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Brief overview: A short sketch of the course and its intended audience
Detailed Structure: A fuller description of modules, context, and study expectations
Teaching and learning: Teaching methods and learning opportunities outlined
Tutoring staff: Who contributes to the classes and curriculum
Resources: All the study materials, locations and facilities that support your learning
Course admissions: Qualifications for admissions and application procedures
FAQs: Some frequently asked questions answered for you
Official information: Links to regulations and formal University documentation

Why Nottingham City?: Observations about city as a place to live and study
Why this University? The case for studying at the University of Nottingham
Why this School? The case for study in the School of Education and LSRI
Contact us: Links to who can help you if your question is not "frequently asked"

Where a page needs to refer you to a fresh page, a new window will be opened. Most of the pictures enlarge if clicked

These pages were composed by Charles Crook on behalf of the course team. We hope you find them useful. We welcome your feedback.