Blazing Mammoth Slot Review

Blazing Mammoth Slot Review (Microgaming, RTP 96.24%)


In this blazing mammoth slot review, we will show you the complete details of the Blazing Mammoth slot review. It is the second slot machine to emerge from Microgaming and PearFiction Studios’ cooperation and will be a one-of-a-kind offering. 

This means you’ll find it at casinos powered by Microgaming, albeit there are hundreds of different sites that will offer it. The concept is prehistoric, as you might expect based on the name, and it will feature prehistoric species such as mammoths, rhinos, wolves, and saber-tooth tigers. 

Best Blazing Mammoth Slot Review

Blazing Mammoth will provide us with 5×3 reels and a total of 20 active lines to employ in order to generate winning combinations. Payouts could return your stake to you at a 2,000x multiplier, despite the slot’s low volatility and RTP of 96.24%. 

You should have more than enough features to test out thanks to wild symbols, scatters, the Free Spins Wheel, and the free games with multipliers that are determined on the inside.

Blazing Mammoth Slot Review
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1. Wagering Options

You can begin playing Blazing Mammoth after selecting your wager, which ranges from $0.20 to $120.

The jackpot feature, triggered by having up to 9 scattered Mammoths on the reels, has the potential to payout up to 2,000 times the bet. It has the potential to award you a prize of up to $240,000, the maximum possible for a single spin of this online slot.

For a low volatility slot like this one, a 2,000x jackpot is quite generous, so it’s nice to have such a delicious target to shoot for. The RTP appears to be satisfactory, at 96.24%, which is above average for a classics slot.

2. Slot Features

Considering the features offered in Blazing Mammoth, we see options that are already present in various other Microgaming slots, such as 9 Masks of Fire, to name just one.

We’d start with the wild symbol, which is the one you’re most likely to see on the reels. It can either act as a substitute or form combinations with other wilds, in which case a reward of up to 125 times the stake can be awarded.

If the 2,000x jackpot appeals to you, you can see how many scatters you’ll need on the left side of the playing area. As you can see, seeing 3 to 9 scattered Mammoths pays 1 to 2,000 times the investment.

The free spins have 2x or 3x multipliers to go along with the 10-30 rounds you’re activating, which isn’t quite as exciting as the jackpot. The number you receive will be determined by the Wheel of Fortune-style bonus, which will spin twice to determine your prize. 

Scatter symbols, 3 of them in view during paid spins, are required to activate the Wheel. Regrettably, the multiplier applies only to normal wins and not to jackpot prizes. Information about the best gambling can be seen at Keluaran SGP.

3. Theme and Design

Blazing Mammoth is a well-designed wildlife-themed gaming machine that doesn’t feature the typical monsters you’re used to seeing. It transports us back in time to prehistoric cave people, with a focus on the animals they dreaded.

The Mammoth, Bears, Saber Tooth Tigers, Rhinos, and Wolves are all represented by symbols. The W logo and the free spins scatter are also included, as are three variations of the Sevens.


In conclusion in the Blazing Mammoth slot review, it has a great design, isn’t too difficult to play, and yet it has a few interesting features, such as multipliers for its free spins.

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