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Web 2: Its relevance to secondary education



Web 2.0 or “Web 2” is a fashionable expression that describes a new generation of websites. The term itself implies that the early internet should be thought of as “Web 1.0” – a first edition, or first version. It is argued that this initial version of the web was primarily for static information: material to be downloaded or delivered to the internet user. Web 2.0 is different, it is a more participatory, dynamic and social place. It is more about uploading, especially uploading for communication and collaboration.

This website describes Web 2.0 and its relevance to secondary education.

The menu to the right covers three areas:
The first outlines a working definition of Web 2.0.
The second focuses on the relevance of these sites for education.
The third contains case studies

These case studies contain multi-media resources that you may find useful for getting a better understanding of the technologies and how they are currently being applied in schools in the UK.

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