Wikis: Web 2.0 Activities in secondary


Wikis A “Wiki” is generally thought of as a collaborative website which allows lots of authors to work together to create, edit and comment on the content. This ‘Open Editing’ encourages democratic uses and also allows people without technical expertise to contribute. One of the best known wikis is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia based on voluntary contributions. Other wikis can be limited by password for small groups, or created for an individual to build up over time.

In short, a wiki is a simple online data-base. Wikis lend themselves easily to educational use. There are two major benefits for use in the classroom.

  • Wikis are a great medium for collecting, growing and refining group knowledge into a tangible format. A class, or group can create a wiki for any project, on any subject.
  • A wiki administrator can track who has made additions and changes. This can indicate who has contributed the most to group work.
  • As with other media, wikis can be accessed remotely for homework, and are available 24 hours.

Try the video clip for a zany introduction to the idea. (Afterwards perhaps and for a more measured look at how a wiki entry actually evolves, try the video at this link.)

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