a Wheel of Fortune Contestant

How a Former Poker Professional Assists a Wheel of Fortune Contestant


It is a very interesting topic about how former poker professionals assist a wheel of fortune contestant in winning a car poker and jeopardy. Following a contentious climax to a recent Wheel of Fortune episode, champion Alex Jacob assisted a fellow game show competitor in winning a new automobile.

Wheel of Fortune Contestant : Getting Know about Bonus Round

Charlene Rubish advanced to the show’s Bonus Round, where she just had to complete one more puzzle to win an Audi Q3, a premium vehicle. Following her pick of four letters and the supplied R,S,T,L,N,E, she was lucky enough to have a substantial chunk of the puzzle unveiled.

“What Are You Doing?” was the title of the category. H S I N G T H E R I G H T R D was written on the board.

To win the automobile, she had 10 seconds to properly identify the problem. After guessing “Choosing the Right Card” wrong, she tried again, starting with “Choosing the Right…” and pausing for almost five seconds before spitting out the right word, “Word.”

Unfortunately for her, despite having correctly recognized the riddle, she was still defeated due to a technicality. Jacob, who has had his fair share of game show success, posted the Bonus Round video to Twitter and demanded that Audi hand over the car to Rubish.

a Wheel of Fortune Contestant

Why Did She Lose Her Car as Wheel of Fortune Contestant

Pat Sajack, the host of Wheel of Fortune contestant, explained to Rubish why her right answer didn’t count. “This one’s challenging since you said all the appropriate terms, including ‘word,'” Sajack replied. “However, as you are aware, it must be more or less constant. We’ll allow a little gap, but not for more than four or five seconds.”

Rubish would have won if she had given her entire response in one thinking. However, while completing a task, Sajack made it obvious that a long wait between statements is not acceptable.

Despite Sajack’s explanation of the verdict, Wheel of Fortune was chastised on social media for refusing to award her the automobile. 

Wheel of Fortune Contestant in Recent Years

Jacob, the 2006 U.S. Poker Open champion and 2015 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, stepped up to the plate and utilized his platform to try to persuade Audi to hand up the reward to Rubish.

Audi chose to grant her the Q3 after additional thought, and maybe to prevent unfavorable publicity. The luxury car manufacturer tweeted: “Charlene, you’re a winner in our book. Let’s get you a gift now.”

Jacob, a former poker player with over 2.6 million dollars in live tournament cashes, simply replied, “WE DID IT!” to the tweet. Most of his supporters felt pleased with the decision, however a handful complained that she didn’t earn the reward because she hesitated for so long. In the end, Audi made the decision, and Rubish now has a brand-new car to collect.

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