Augustus Slot Demo

Augustus Slot Demo: Number of Reels, Paylines & RTP


In this article, I will invite you to get to know more deeply and try the Augustus Slot Demo. Wanna know? Let’s see the full review through the summary below.

Augustus Slot Demo. Julius Caesar is undoubtedly the first Roman emperor that comes to mind when you think of gaming in antiquity. After destroying Gaul, overthrowing the Republic, and establishing himself as the supreme leader of Europe, he is now remembered forever by a garish shrine to extravagant extravagance in a sizable Vegas hotel and casino.

However, he wasn’t nearly the first Emperor. Gaius Octavius Thurinus, also known as Augustus, who is credited with transforming Rome from a “city of bricks and left it a city of marble,” received the honor. Neon Valley Studios, a partner of Microgaming, honors this modest man with their slot Augustus.

When the game Augustus appears on the screen, players see a ton of marble. A mountain of it, in the form of pillars, temples, and palaces—the entire Palatine Hill experience—sits before the 5-reel, 20-payline game area. Even today, it’s fascinating to roam amid the remains and fill in the gaps with your imagination by picturing how things might have been thousands of years ago.

At its height, Ancient Rome must have been absolutely breathtaking. With the help of a dramatic music that manages to match the speed of the game rather well, Neon Valley has done a respectable job of recapturing some of the grandeur.

Any device can be used to play Augustus, and the stakes range from 20 percent to £/€200 every spin, meeting the needs of most bankrolls. A heads-up: Augustus is a clone of one of Neon Valley Studios’ previous games, Age of Conquest, as anyone who has been following their development would notice. 

Almost all stats, including the default RTP rating of 96.14%, were preserved by the reskin. The RTP can be reduced by the operator to 94.23% or, in the worst case, 92.11%, which is acceptable for the default configuration. A high maximum bet like this usually equates to moderate potential and offers bets ranging from 20 percent to a patrician level £/€200 each spin.

A game like Augustus isn’t afraid to display its strengths. This translates to a hit rate of better than one in four spins, or 27.3%, and it also means that the game’s features appear very frequently. Free spins may not be as important as the others, but they all bring color and the occasional victory to keep the game going. The medium volatility math model, despite the flow, tended to end a batch of spins roughly where the bankroll started.

The J-A card royals in a golden, angular font serve as the opening regular symbol. Four mid-pay symbols—a gladius, chalice, galea, and ring—follow. The final two symbols stand in for the large payouts.

The first is a historically dubious but gender-representative female soldier, and the second is a Joaquin Phoenix-like imperial figure. Ten to fifteen times the stake is worth these two. The last size, 1×3, covers the entire reel and is available in the sizes 1×1, 1×2, or 1×3 for the two premiums.

Augustus Slot Demo: Features

Augustus Slot Demo

At specific times during the game, wilds may also completely fill the reels. They are joined by a bonus round where players may choose how many wild reels and free spins they want, hence affecting the volatility. The Coin Meters are two empty spaces that are perched on top of each reel.

Every time an Augustus Slot Demo gold coin lands on the reel, it is added to the Coin Meter above it. A Wild Reel feature is activated on a particular reel when 2 coins have been collected in the corresponding Coin Meter.

For two consecutive spins when the Wild Reel feature is engaged, every position on the reel is wild (stacked wild). A full grid of wild symbols pays out 1,000 times the bet in addition to replacing all other normal symbols and paying up to 50x the stake for five of a kind. Standard 1×1 sized wilds and Wild Reels may both appear at any time.

The purple/gold eagle scatter on reels 1, 3, and 5 is the last icon to watch out for; land three in view to activate the free spins bonus. One of three features is available for players to select here:

  • 2 free spins with 3 Wild Reels is option 1.
  • 8 free spins with 2 Wild Reels is option two.
  • The first choice is 25 unblocked spins with one wild reel.

During free spins, landing three scatter symbols will cause the feature to be reactivated at the same level as the first time.

The Augustus slot game is highly recommended to be played so that your slot playing experience increases and the chances of winning are greater in playing online slot games. Of course this game can be played on slot online sites such as the Slot88 site.

Augustus Slot Demo: Conclusion

Similar to Age of Conquest, Augustus Slot Demo is a gorgeous game that’s enjoyable to play. Neon Valley has faithfully reproduced part of the splendor of Ancient Rome by adding vibrant symbols and two seductive full reel bonuses. Even if it may be a copy, Neon Valley at least took the time to give it a lovely outside. Despite its aesthetic appeal, what lurks beneath will begin to alienate potential players.

Augustus Slot Demo isn’t a highly volatile, high-potential gamer like the original. You may only expect a maximum win of 1,000 times your original wager. However, this sum is reachable in a single spin, and it is a possibility, if remote, considering the manner in which the reels turn completely wild. Either during free spins or the base game from the Coin Meter collection.

Due to the frequent appearance of gold coins, players can anticipate quite a few Wild Reels. Since there are three possibilities available, free spins are another advantageous feature. The two spin option is brief and intense for those who are feeling particularly daring. Others can prolong the situation by opting to take advantage of the entire 25 free spins in order to maximize the benefits of finally initiating the round.

One of those roles, Augustus Slot Demo, can be fun if you’re mentally prepared and aware of what you’re entering into. The studio is not focused on providing enormous rewards or games that will make you cold sweat. Therefore, it’s not a bad value for a nice-looking game with a balanced rhythm of victories and fewer features, topped by a multi-choice bonus round.

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