Chili Quest Slot Review

Chili Quest Slot Review (RTP 96.15%) GameArt


Looking for the Chili Quest slot review? This game, a GameArt slot, has a Mexican theme and a lot of symbols that go in a story like this, but it also surprises with the combination of features it offers, and it doesn’t do terribly in terms of top rewards. But more on that later.

Introduction of Chili Quest Slot Review

Chili Quest is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with 25 fixed paylines per round. Top payouts in the game include up to 500 times total bet ($12,500) for ordinary combinations and up to 1,000 times for fixed jackpots (Mega is the big one). 

When it comes to the game’s primary features, the list starts with the wild, then moves on to scatters, Spicy Pepper symbols and their re-spins, free spins, and giant symbols. With all of those qualities, there should be plenty of excitement.

1. Wagering Options

When playing a game that involves the usage of 25 coins in order to activate 25 lines, the player is given the choice of deciding on the bet per line or coin value. The game allows you to spend $0.25 to $25 every spin with a range of $0.01 to $1.

If you look at the Chili Quest prizes, we are not sure you’ll be impressed with what you see. The game pays out a maximum of $500 for the best winning combination, meaning you’d collect nearly 500x your total stake ($12,500) if you filled the reels with those symbols.

Because the Spicy Peppers Respins offer the game’s fixed jackpots, you can do better. Mega is the best, paying 1,000 times the total bet ($25,000). Major (80x) and Mini (40x) are the other two (30x).

Also worth noting is that the RTP is set at 96.15percent, which means that the slot is designed to pay out around the same as the bulk of today’s new slots.

2. Game Features

The standard equivalent is the Wild Mariachi symbol, which may only be used in combination with regular symbols and not as a replacement for feature activation.

The Cactus Mariachi, a scatter symbol that can appear on three out of five reels, is the second significant feature symbol. To activate 6 free spins, you must have all three symbols. The free spins have been improved in some ways, most notably by the appearance of huge symbols on the middle three columns. 

There’s also one area where they’ve made things worse: possible payouts, which now only go up to 150x every spin, or roughly 30% of the base game payout.

Finally, there are Spicy Pepper symbols, which must occur at least 6 times in order to activate their Respins. You strive to land Jackpot symbols during respins, but you could finish up with regular cash wins instead; it’s all up to luck.

3. Theme and Design

In terms of design, we’re looking at a traditional Mexican vibe. It includes images of a skeleton dressed in Day of the Dead garb, singing cactus plants, gorgeous women, donkeys wearing flower hats, pinatas, and tequila shots. 

It sounds like a great party, and the higher-value symbols are well-made and entertaining to use. The lesser emblems, which include the four highest Royals, are less impressive, though they do have a theme-appropriate style.

Final Words

In conclusion of Chili Quest slot review, it is a fun new situs slot gacor game from GameArt, but while it has some nice features, the top payouts aren’t likely to be significant motivators for players at the correct RTP value.

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