Banana Drop Slot Review

Banana Drop Slot Review: RTP 96.70%, Medium Volatility


Yes, in this Banana Drop slot review you will figure out how to get big wins. It is an exclusive slot machine from Crazy Tooth Studio, and will be a fan favorite once it reaches Microgaming’s online casinos as a game with good potential, especially given the kind of volatility it possesses. 

It has the wild banana motif you’d expect from a jungle-themed game with monkeys as the main characters, and it’ll also have a few amusing features to keep things interesting.

Best Banana Drop Slot Review

This game is played on six reels, and there are 4,096 possibilities to win, with combos forming on any three or more consecutive reels. It’s pretty simple to win then, although the game’s volatility is merely Medium. 

Even yet, the potential payouts of over 6,000 times the stake will entice many players to give it a try, especially as the RTP is higher than typical at 96.70%. We particularly liked the new features, which included wilds, random Falling Bananas, free spins, and scatter symbols.

1. Wagering Options

You’ll select your stake from the $0.15 to $30 range offered using 15 coins, and then click Spin to start the reels spinning.

The slot is capable of tremendous things, with wins of up to 6,031x the stake, which is a lot more than we expected from a game with a Medium volatility rating. 

Banana Drop Slot Review

The above-average RTP of 96.70%, on the other hand, might have anything to do with it. Overall, this is one of the features that should entice a large number of players to try it out.

2. Slot Features

Between many game’s features, we liked that wilds sometimes appear stacked, though this isn’t always the case. In either case, Wild Logo icons appear on the reels, ready to help you form a new winning combination.

Falling Bananas can be triggered at any time while playing this game. Because the reels are set against banana trees, if the feature is triggered, a monkey will appear and push bananas from the top of the trees onto the reels. For each of the reels where this occurs, the bananas can either offer you extra wilds or cash prizes.

Big Buildup is a feature that can be used to obtain more bananas in the trees, making the random feature even better the next time you get it.

To activate the slot’s 7 free spins, you must hit at least 3 Leaf scatters. A Falling Banana feature is guaranteed every round. There will also be stacked Monkey symbols, which will increase the number of bananas growing on the tree on that reel by up to three times.

3. Theme and Design

Banana Drop looks like a fun new slot to play, at least for a while, with its jungle-themed design that focuses largely on bananas but has enough symbols in the form of other tropical fruits. 

It features Wild logos, Leaf scatters, and graphics of the Lion, Zebra, Giraffe, Hippo, Royals, and a variety of fruits (pineapple, coconut and watermelon). It’s also incredibly colorful, which is another aspect that makes it appealing.

Final Conclusion

In the end of this slot game online Banana Drop slot review, it will provide the ideal experience for a banana/monkey themed slot, and we like the combination of medium volatility with payouts of over 6,000x.

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