Roulette Strategy Best Odds

[Easy!] 4 Roulette Strategy Best Odds for Higher Rewards


Are you wondering what the roulette strategy best odds? There have been numerous roulette strategies developed over the years. Which one is best for you is determined by a number of factors.

For example, your playing style and your budget influence. It is always good to know that there is no single roulette strategy that can guarantee a win. 

They can reduce the chance of loss, but they cannot completely eliminate this either. See below the most well-known roulette strategies, their advantages and disadvantages and why they may or may not work. All of these strategies relate to the roulette rules.

What Are The Roulette Strategy Best Odds?

Some of the strategies listed below can also work for other casino games that are simple enough for beginners. Now, let’s take a look!

1. Martingale

The Martingale strategy is perhaps the most famous of all. The idea behind it is therefore relatively simple. That is why this roulette strategy can be applied well by all kinds of players, even if you do not have much experience with playing roulette. 

You choose a certain amount to bet, and every time you lose you double it. If you do win in between, then you start all over again, or you stop when you think it’s enough.

Depending on your budget, you can continue with the Martingale strategy for a long time. In practice, this can work often and for a long time. However, there is a problem, the outcome of the game remains completely random at all times. 

The ball can just fall on a certain color 20 times in a row. If this happens and you keep betting on the other suit, you can also lose a lot of money with it. In addition, roulette tables have betting limits. This means that even if you have a budget of millions, you can only continue to double your bet for a limited number of rounds.


  • Can work for a long time with a large budget
  • Chance of loss is small


  • Limited profit
  • Betting limits of roulette tables
  • Big loss if things go wrong

2. D’Alembert

Jean Le Rond d’Alembert was a Frenchman who was bursting with knowledge about all kinds of things. He was a mathematician, physicist and philosopher. But he will always be best known for the roulette strategy that bears his name. 

This tactic works slightly differently than the Martingale variant. You will lose everything less quickly, making the style of this roulette strategy a little less offensive.

The idea behind roulette strategy best odds, it is simple, namely that statistically every number falls equally often. It is not the case that certain roulette numbers that fall often give an advantage over others, in the long run. 

Can’t get a pin in between of course. To be able to apply the d’Alembert strategy, you first choose the size of your bet. 

You add this number, so 5 for example, to your bet every time you lose a round. Behind it is the idea that you win as often as you lose. And that is undoubtedly true, if you play thousands of pots. But if you don’t do this, there is still a chance that you will lose with this tactic.


  • Less aggressive strategy
  • Lower risk than other strategies


  • Difficult to take back big losses
  • Small profits

3. Labouchère

Now it gets even more interesting! The Labouchère strategy is in fact a bit more complicated than other examples. First of all , it actually starts with an amount that you want to win. You choose this in advance. 

Then you will create a series of numbers that add up to this amount in total. You determine the first bet by adding up the first and last number in your series.

When you win in a round for roulette strategy best odds, you cross out the numbers you have bet. After that, you can continue betting the value of the second and second-to-last number in the sequence. But if you lose, you add the value of both numbers together at the end of the sequence. 

That way you can recoup your loss. In practice, however, it often does not work or it takes a long time before it does. This is because the chance of winning very often in a row is very small in percentage. Now you can write down fewer numbers to counteract this, but with that you take a lot of risk.


  • Determine in advance what you want to win
  • Can also be done with a small budget


  • Chance of winning is small with a large series
  • Working can take a very long time.

4. Fibonacci

The Fibonacci roulette strategy best odds is based on a series of numbers. These were once invented by an Italian, and that already happened in the thirteenth century. 

The intention at the time was not to invent a new roulette strategy, but in the end this has become it. The series may sound complicated, but this one isn’t really.

It starts with a zero and a one or two ones. The number that comes next is the total of the previous two numbers added together. It continues like this, after which the series quickly expands. This then goes like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 etc. 

What you do with this roulette strategy is use this series of numbers to bet on that basis. That seems like a good system, and it can work. However, if you don’t win in the first few rounds, you can quickly lose a lot of money.


  • Works well if you win in the first rounds
  • Takes less effort than other strategies


  • After a few rounds of loss you can no longer make a profit
  • The profit you make is limited
  • Small chance of winning for the long term

Well after you understand our explanations about roulette strategy best odds, what do you think? Then, tell us what the best strategy that you will use to play at bandar slot terpercaya after this.

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